Spring Conference

Sustainable Development and Business Networking

Your annual meeting point and Observatory for analysis
and monitoring of Environmental Management policies
in the maritime industry —for shipping companies, ferry
operators and public entities

Our Early Speakers and Moderators

Spring Conference

Sustainable Development and Business Networking

Our Early Speakers and Moderators

The purpose of this annual 'Spring Conference', which brings together all the key players of the international maritime sector —shipping companies, ferry operators and public entities, is to establish in the Port of Ceuta an Observatory for the analysis and monitoring of the main technological advances and environmental management measures for the maritime industry, in order to promote the values and principles related to the broad protection of our Marine Environment. And at the same time we put together the bases for the creation of a business environment that encourages productive synergies and cooperative relationships between delegates and attendees.

Conference venue
Great Auditorium Theater of Ceuta


Confirmed Speakers


Juan Manuel Doncel 

President —Port Authority of Ceuta

Juan Manuel Doncel has a degree in Law from the University of Granada, DIP University Master, DIP University Expert, Socio-Labor University Expert, and University Expert in Urban Planning.

Currently, President of the Port Authority of Ceuta, he has previously been Deputy of the Assembly of Ceuta, Deputy Minister of Urban Planning, Minister of Development, Head of the Presidency Cabinet of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Manager of Urban Planning, and Manager of the company Municipal housing.


Matteo Catani

CEO —Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV)

Matteo Catani joined GNV in 2007 after his experience at Danone-Saiwa, where he held the positions of Customer Service Account and Sales & Marketing Jr. Controller since 2004, before joining the Danone Group - Biscuit Division as Assistant to VP Finance Southern Europe & Balkans Business Controller.

At GNV he assumed roles of increasing responsibility, ranging from the financial sector to revenue management and development, to then perform sales and marketing management. He is currently CEO of GNV. Born in Genoa, he has a degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Genoa and an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.


Ettore Morace

Managing Director —TRASMED GLE (Grimaldi Group)

Ettore has a long history in the maritime shipping industry. He received his education at the Maritime College of Naples and he began his career with Alisur S.A., a shipping company based in Spain. Among other positions, he has also worked as Fast Ferry Manager of Flebasa, was Managing Director of all the shipping companies within the Rodriquez Group and in 1999 he co-founded Balearia, a shipping company based in Denia, Spain where he was Member of the Board and General Manager of Operations from January 2018 to April 2020.

He is currently the Managing Director of Trasmed GLE SL, a shipping company within the Grimaldi Group that is based in Valencia, Spain. He is also Managing Director and founder of Malta Shipbroker International Ltd, a brokerage company based in Malta.


Christophe Mathieu


Christophe Mathieu was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Brittany Ferries in April 2016.

He has worked with Brittany Ferries since 1992 in various roles including work in the Finance, Operation, Marketing and Revenue Management Departments, Group Business Controller, Strategic Development Director, Group Strategy & Commercial Director and Member of the Executive Board.

Christophe has a Master in Management Science from Paris 1 University, and has completed the International Executive Program through INSEAD.

He is also a member of the Interferry Board since 2010, and Interferry Chairman 2020/22.


Georges Bassoul

Managing Director —BALEÀRIA

Georges Bassoul has a degree in Civil Engineering from ESTP Paris, and a master's degree in Strategic Management from the School of Higher Studies in Commerce in Paris.

He has 15 years of experience in leading companies in their respective sectors, designing and implementing strategic plans to promote and consolidate business models, commercial relationships, brands and talent management.

Since 2019 he has been the CEO of Baleària.


Adolfo Orozco Pérez

CEO —Port Authority of Ceuta

At the head of the port Administration department, Adolfo Orozco began his activity in the Port Authority as a port policeman.

Adolfo is BSc in Business Administration and Management, as well as Bachelor of Laws.

He has been carrying out various functions in the Port Authority of Ceuta for 21 years, where he was, until his recent appointment as CEO, responsible for Billing of the Port Authority of Ceuta.


Jaime Rodrigo de Larrucea

Founder —'Larrucea Abogados'

Jaime Rodrigo de Larrucea, is a Lawyer, Doctor of Laws (PhD Law) and Doctor of Nautical Engineering (PhD Eng.), Professor of Maritime Law (UPC), President of the Maritime Law Section of the Bar Association of Barcelona (ICAB). Also Academic of the Royal European Academy of Doctors and the Royal Academy of the Sea.

Author of various publications, visiting professor at various domestic and foreign Universities, Master Teacher Advocacy International (Institute of Law and Economics) and in different professional Masters, Legal Director and team Manager (Team Leader) in different national and international missions, Consultant and Expert EU, national and regional governments (Generalitat de Catalunya), Director and Secretary of various companies.

Member of Editorial Board of “Economist & Jurist,” Jurist recognized / recommended: Legal 500 Europe, Legal 500 America, The Maritime Advocate, Advocate XXI, Shipping & Transport Lawyer, Juriste, Transport XXI, etc.


Rafael Martínez-Peñalver Mateos

Head of Infrastructure —Port Authority of Ceuta

Rafael Martínez-Peñalver Mateos is BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Granada, a specialist in maritime climate and operational oceanography, as well as in maritime and port civil works. He is a member of the Asociación Técnica de Puertos y Costas (ATPYC) — Technical Association of Ports and Coasts. He has carried out his professional career as head of infrastructure, planning and maritime signals at the Port Authority of Ceuta, where he currently works as Head of Infrastructure. Previously, he carried out his professional functions in consulting companies doing work related to civil and construction engineering.

He has a MSc in Management and Port Planning and Intermodality from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the ICADE Business School where he specialized in financial markets. In recent years he has completed his training specializing in Bunker, Trading and Shipping of Crude Oil and Marine Products.


Jose Rodríguez

CEO —The Maritime Consulting Group

Jose Rodríguez has over 30 years experience in the Transportation industry, having held Senior management positions in transport and shipping corporations in Spain (since 1987) and Latin America (1996-2001). Jose has been a Founder, Managing Director and Board Member of several companies specialising in the transportation of Passengers and Freight.
His extensive experience has spanned many disciplines including a Shipowner, Ship Agent, Freight Forwarder and a Shipping Broker. Jose has hands-on experience of the supply chain, warehousing and distribution, surface transportation; and of the Tourism sector —he has founded metropolitan lines and touristic shipping lines, and managed the acquisition and merger of travel agencies groups. And is also currently dedicated to the Technology sector providing leading and innovative IT and Business Intelligence solutions to the passenger vessel industry.
Jose also created his own Strategic Consulting Business 'The Maritime Consulting Group', which specialised in the approach and implementation of Strategic Management Processes, definition and restructuring of Strategic Business Units, and is Managing Director and Chief Global Strategist for the maritime sector.
Throughout his professional career, he has organized various events and participated in important forums as a speaker, being currently an active promoter of conferences and congresses for the industry.
At an academic level, Jose Rodríguez studied Law at the UMA —University of Malaga, as well as several postgraduate degrees (Marketing, International Business & Trade Management) and MBA (Master of Business Administration, Business Expert, and Innovation Expert). He is still dedicated to study, currently a Degree in History of Art in the Spanish University —UNED.


Lucas Ribeiro

Area Manager Maritime for Spain, Portugal, Italy & Malta —DNV

Sponsor Platinum

Lucas Ribeiro Julien, has a degree in MSc Naval Architect graduated in 1987 at University of Sao Paulo/Brazil.

He joined DNV in 1988, in Brazil, after a short time working at the Institute of Technological Research in Sao Paulo.
Since then, he has been working in different countries and different position inside DNV, having a wide technical and international experience, having positions at the Republic of Korea, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, South East Asia.

The latest responsibilities include Ships in Operation/Quality Manager and Chief Surveyor, in Rotterdam; and Country Manager for Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, in Kuala Lumpur.

At the moment, he is the Maritime Manager for the Area covering the overall activity in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malta.


Elena Seco García-Valdecasas

CEO —Spanish Shipowners' Association

Elena Seco joined the Spanish Shipowners’ Association —ANAVE, in 1996 and has taken different positions on the Association until her nomination as Director General in August 2020. She holds a M.Sc. (1995) in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a Master of Advanced Studies.

Currently she is also Assistant Professor of Shipping Economics and Shipping Law at Madrid Polytechnic University.


José Carlos García Gómez

Professor of Marine Biology at University of Seville

José Carlos García Gómez is a marine biologist and Professor of Marine Biology at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Seville. He is an expert in taxonomy and ecology of the littoral benthos, as well as in marine bioindicators, evaluation, environmental monitoring and conservation of the littoral environment and protected marine species. He is Director of the Marine Biology Laboratory of the University of Seville (US), Director of the Department of Zoology of the Faculty of Biology of the US, President of the Governing Board of the Parque Natural del Estrecho and Academic of the International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Techniques.

He has published, together with his collaborators, more than two hundred specialized research papers, most of them in international scientific journals. Likewise, he is the author or co-author of more than twenty specialized or popular science books.
In addition, he has participated in oceanographic campaigns in Antarctica and tropical areas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.


José Allona Almagro

BDM Spain and Senior Principal Surveyor —DNV

Jose Allona, Naval Architect, by the “Highest Technical School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (ETSIN)”, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1974-1979).

He has more than 40 years of professional experience in the Maritime and Offshore sector, both in the area of structural design, as well as in the inspection and project management. His present position is Business Development Manager, Area Iberia & Italy/Malta of DNV Maritime, as Senior Principal Surveyor of DNV.


Cristina Molina Ferrie

Head for the Environment —Port Authority of Ceuta

Cristina Molina Ferrie has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Granada and a Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention with the specialties of Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology. The University Master's Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate Teaching, Professional Training and Language Teaching, Specialty Biology and Geology from the University of Granada.

Previously, he has held the position of Environmental Technician in the Association for the Defense, Study and Dissemination of the Historical and Natural Heritage of Ceuta (Septem Nostra-Ecologistas en Acción), promoting the creation of the Ceuta Sustainability Observatory and actively participating through the preparation of different reports of environmental indicators of the Autonomous City of Ceuta.

Currently, Head for the Environment of the Port Authority of Ceuta, she is part of the Sustainable Development Committee of the European Organization of Maritime Ports (ESPO) and is a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.


Óscar Ocaña Vicente

Director —'Ceuta Museum of the Sea Foundation'

Óscar Ocaña is a Doctor in Biological Sciences with the specialty of Marine Biology with extensive training in reference centers in the study of marine species and ecosystems. He has extensive experience in research on marine species and their habitats; study of invasive organisms; biological explorations in the marine environment; description of landscapes and benthic ecosystems and conservation of marine biodiversity. He is a leading expert in the study of corals, has worked and works in various marine regions of the planet and has more than one hundred scientific publications in various well-contrasted magazines and several books related to species and marine spaces.

Likewise, he collaborates with a large number of national and international organizations related to scientific research in marine sciences and marine conservation in the broadest sense.
For years he has directed the Museum of the Sea of ​​Ceuta and has developed a marine environmental monitoring program for the Port Authority of Ceuta, based on monitoring sentinel stations in space and time with special dedication to the organisms that structure the seabed. under port influence.


Philippe Holthof

Ferry Market Analyst & Consultant, Maritime Journalist

Philippe Holthof is a seasoned maritime journalist, speaker and moderator. Born the son of a master mariner commanding ferries on the Ostend-Dover line, he developed an early interest in the maritime industry in general and ferries in particular. Philippe soon began collecting data on the industry and, with his first paycheck, began travelling on ro-pax ferries all over Europe, studying the ships, their operators and ports.

After completing his education in maritime logistics management, he embarked on a career as a freelance author, and began writing for Shippax in the mid-1990s. Philippe has interviewed all relevant players in the ferry industry, culminating in the job of Shippax’s editor-in-chief and lead moderator of the Shippax Ferry Conference, a job he quit in September 2021.

Philippe is a member of the DNV Ferry Committee, and guest lecturer at the Thomas More Institute in Mechelen, Belgium, for Bachelors of Tourism.

Currently, Philippe runs his own consultancy, C&MORE.


Francisco Luis Sierra Ureta

Harbour Master of Ceuta

Graduate of the Civil Navy from the Higher School of the Civil Navy of Cádiz.

He has extensive experience in navigation as an officer on general cargo ships, container ships and bulk carriers, and as a captain on high speed passenger ships.

He has served for years as head of inspection at the Ceuta Harbour Master and as a maritime safety inspector at the Algeciras Harbour Master.

He currently is the Harbour Master of Ceuta.


Anders Rundberg

Founder & CEO —CARUS

Sponsor Silver

Anders has a long and genuine knowledge about the worldwide ferry industry and IT System supporting the industry. He started out as a booking and check-in clerk at the major Baltic cruise-ferry operator Viking Line in 1981 then continued there as systems developer. Later after having got a Master of Business Economics degree he moved on to different managerial positions within Viking Line.

 After a short career working as a consultant specialised in Project Management on the International Market he founded Carus and developed a new standard system for booking and check-in for the cruise and ferry industry. The system went live with the first customer in December 1999.

Carus has since then become the leading supplier of standard systems for booking and automated departure control in the global ferry business.


John Bertell

Director of Sales —CARUS

With a background in the shipping industry working with cargo shipping operations as well as cruise and port operations, John Bertell has spent the last 20 years with IT solutions for the ferry industry. Being involved both from the sales perspective and practical system implementations as project manager and implementation expert he has gained experience of a wide range of ferry operations in detail.

In 2010 he joined Carus as Sales Manager and is now Director of Sales, with the responsibility for new clients as well as for client relationships and business development.

Carus is a leading provider of booking, ticketing, ePOS, back office and port solutions designed specifically for the passenger vessel industry.


Manuel Carlier de Lavalle

PhD in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Manuel Carlier is MSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (1978), MSc in Shipping (1985), and PhD in Naval Architecture (1985).

He has held various teaching positions at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, including Tutor on Ship Design in Final Master Projects, 1983-1987, and Assitant Professor of Maritime Economics and Shipping Law 1987-2020.

Professionally, we can highlight the following positions:

—Naval hydrodynamics. CEHIPAR. 1979-1985. Member of the Ship Resistance Committee of the ITTC, 1983-1985.
—Spanish Shipowners Association, ANAVE, from 1985. CEO from 1996 to 2020.
—European Community Shipowners Associations (ECSA). Chairman of the Ports Working Group 1996-2001. Chairman of the Shipping Policy Committee 2002-2009. Member of the Board of Directors 1996-2020.
—Shortsea Promotion Center Spain. President 2002-2004 and 2006-2020. Now Honorary Member.
—Spanish Maritime Law Association. Member of the Board 2015-2020. Now Honorary Member.


Congratulations to Manuel Carlier, moderator of our Spring Conference, for his recent recognition as "Partner of Honor" of Short Sea Shipping Promotion Center Spain, as a great promoter of short sea shipping , in his long professional career.

In the image, together with Pilar Tejo CEO of Short Sea Shipping Promotion Center Spain, and Elena Seco García-Valdecasas, CEO of ANAVE (Spanish Shipowners' Association), during the Shortsea Annual Conference on November 11, 2021, in Bilbao.


Gerardo Vangioni

CEO —Mercy Ships Spain

Non Profit Sponsor

Gerardo Vangioni has a degree in Law from the University of Alcalá de Henares.

With proven experience in trade, marketing and logistics, in recent years he has been focusing his activity on raising awareness of Mercy Ships.

He is currently CEO of Mercy Ships Spain, an international NGO that uses hospital ships to deliver free, world-class healthcare services, capacity building, and sustainable development to those with little access in the developing world in order to contribute to achieving the UN's SDG's.

Founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 55 developing countries, providing services valued at more than $1.7 billion and directly benefitting more than 2.8 million people. Our ships are crewed by volunteers from over 60 nations, with an average of over 2000 volunteers each year. Professionals including surgeons, dentists, nurses, healthcare trainers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers, and agriculturalists donate their time and skills. With 16 national offices and an Africa Bureau, Mercy Ships seeks to transform individuals and serve nations one at a time.


Marcos Marí Washbourne

Vice President INSOTEL GROUP

Sponsor Gold

Marcos Marí is Vice President of Insotel Group, and CEO of Insotel Marine Group, which integrates companies related to the maritime industry such as Trasmapi, Marina Ibiza, Varadero Ibiza, or the subsidiaries Mediterránea Pitiusa and Formentera Cargo. Likewise, Insotel Hotel Group, a family corporation headquartered in Ibiza, which has been operating in the tourism sector since its foundation by Alonso Marí Calbet in the 1960s, integrates nine luxury hotel complexes, under its two main brands Insotel Hotels & Resorts, and Prestige Hotels & Resorts.

Marcos is founder and member of the promoter team of the Foro Marino. To Marcos Marí, protecting the environment is not an option, but an obligation of the entire team. He is also the promoter of the Corporate Social Responsibility project of the group, called “Be Blue”, with the development of specific and local actions, aimed at defending the environment and protecting the marine heritage. Within this vision, Marcos Marí is convinced that "we need more pro-activity and more creativity to build a more sustainable future for all of us."

The Foro Marino of which Marcos is the founder, was born in 2019 as a result of a concern that arose during various meetings between the members of the promoter team. Companies and associations from diverse contexts and fields feel the need to create a permanent space for reflection, study and dissemination. A meeting place where you can add projects, ideas and reflections and work to carry them out. Thus, the Foro Marino has become a reference space for reflection and debate on the challenges around sea conservation, for the dissemination of good practices and the assumption of commitments related to pending challenges, by of all parties involved, whether public or private.

For its part, Be blue —Sponsor Gold of the Spring Conference, is the Corporate Social Responsibility response of Insotel Marine Group, and in which the actions and environmental concerns of the group are structured. Be Blue was born with the vocation to act and influence the care of the environment, developing various actions aimed at respecting the marine environment. From the re-motorization of the vessels and the eco-efficient design of the ships that cover their main route between the Pitiusas, to the reduction of single-use materials, through collaboration for environmental education, Be Blue is a permanent demonstration of the sensitivity and respect for the environment of Marcos Marí and the entire Insotel Group.


Fernando Rodríguez Correal

Environmental Consultant Biologist

Fernando Rodríguez Correal is an Environmental Consultant Biologist, Collegiate COBA 739.

He has more than 20 years of experience in studies for environmental assessments, natural resource management, monitoring and surveillance of environmental quality. In the last decade he has specialized in port water quality surveillance and blue economy research.

He has developed his career combining his activity as a consultant at Gestemasur, with teaching at the University of Granada in the Master in Conservation, Management and Restoration of Biodiversity and in the Degree in Biology. Without neglecting his social commitment, being an activist in foundations related to the conservation of the marine environment, or in the Official College of Biologists of Andalusia.


The Port of Ceuta is also one of the few Spanish ports (together with Barcelona, Algeciras, and Vigo) that has the EMAS Certification —Eco Management and Audit Scheme, that allows evaluating the environmental impact, improving it in qualitative and quantitative terms, and declare it officially and transparently.