How easy is it to
go to Ceuta?

The Spanish City of Ceuta is well connected to the Peninsula by sea and air, from the port and heliport of Algeciras, and from the international airport of Malaga.

If we take as a base and hub the Malaga International Airport, with connections to the main airports in the world, in its own facilities there is the Heliport to transit to the Civil Heliport of Ceuta, in the heart of the city, with several daily departures, and a flight time of 25 minutes.

From the Algeciras Heliport, with daily departures and a 7-minute flight time.

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The Port of Ceuta is also one of the few Spanish ports (together with Barcelona, Algeciras, and Vigo) that has the EMAS Certification —Eco Management and Audit Scheme, that allows evaluating the environmental impact, improving it in qualitative and quantitative terms, and declare it officially and transparently.